Board Plan Review 2016

The Princeton University Board Plan Review Committee is charged with developing and designing board plans and options for undergraduate students that support the diverse needs of our student body. The committee, comprised of University staff and students, is focusing on undergraduates: those on meal plans, those in co-ops and those with independent status.

The committee has developed initial recommendations to enhance the dining experience for undergraduates starting in fall 2017. The changes will be implemented as a one-year pilot program and will inform the committee's ongoing review of undergraduate board plans.

Throughout the 2016-17 academic year, the committee will conduct outreach and engage the campus community on board plans, leading ultimately to recommendations for the future. The committee's work is informed by and consistent with the University's strategic plan and the 2016-2026 Campus Plan under development.

The committee is interested in student input on a range of topics, including:

  •  board plan options
  •  hours of service for residential dining facilities
  •  dining locations and how students decide where to eat meals on campus
  •  and the dining experiences of independent students and students who are members of food cooperatives.

Any member of the campus community is welcome to comment through this website, which will be updated periodically throughout the year.