The Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Oliver Avens, dean, Rockefeller College
  • Smitha Haneef,  executive director, Campus Dining.

Steering Committee members

  • Daniel Day, assistant vice president, Communications
  • Claire Fowler, senior associate dean, Office of the Dean of the College
  • Dave Goetz, assistant director, Campus Dining Financial Services
  • Andrew Kane, assistant vice president, University Services
  • Maureen McWhirter, director of finance and technology administration, University Services
  • Mellisa Thompson, director of student life, Forbes College

Project Committee members

  • Greg Billows, operations manager, Whitman College, Campus Dining
  • Bryant Blount, assistant dean, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students
  • Chris Burkmar, executive director for planning and administration, Office of the VP for Campus Life
  • Patrick Caddeau, dean, Forbes College
  • Darleny Cepin, director of student life, Mathey College
  • Myesha Jemison '18
  • Louis DiFalco, senior production manager, Campus Dining
  • Angela Hodgeman, manager, Undergraduate Housing
  • Robin Moscato, director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
  • Bernadette Penick, assistant to the executive director, Campus Dining
  • Sue Pierson, director of residential dining, Campus Dining
  • Nick Robinson, director, Campus Venue Services
  • Cristian Vasquez, director of retail and catering operations, Campus Dining
  • Ruby Guo '19